Natural Soap for Animals . . . naturally

Guardian Animal Soap's hand made horse soap and dog soap is made using Essential and Carrier Oils. Inhibits lice, ticks and fleas. Look their skin and coat. There are no hardeners or preservatives used in our pet soap

Guardian Animal Soap for dogs and horses aids in the relief of dry, itchy and flaky skin.
The non-irritating, non-drying formula contains a combination of natural oils and pure essential oils which naturally help soothe and moisturize the skin.
A deep cleansing formula that deodorizes your furry friend’s coat, leaving it soft and shiny.

If your dog or horse suffers with these symptoms:

paw gnawing, itching, scratching, dry skin, dandruff, fleas, ticks, flies and mosquitoes, eczema, dermatitis, sores, fly-bite or a bad rash then contact us at Guardian Animal Soap or browse through our shop.


Australian Hand Made Soaps

Guardian Animal Soap contains natural and pure essential oils which aid in the relief of dry, itchy and flaky skin and deodorizes your pets coat.