Joy Ford Testimonial

Natural Dog Soap

Just wanted to comment on the above product that I have been using on our dog Lucy (X Silky Terrier/Chihuahua).
She suffers from ‘summer itch’ but bothers her to an extent year round.
The vet cannot determine the exact cause only to say she is allergic.
I originally saw this product at a local market and decided to give it a go having tried many other shampoos etc.
That was over 18 months ago and we are only on the second bar of soap, lathers well and lasts a long time.
Lucy is a ‘house dog’ so is bathed on a regular basis. She always smells lovely after a bath and no more scratching.
Lucy now has a beautiful shiny coat and looks great (she is 12 years old).
I would highly recommend this product.

Joy Ford testimonial