Joy Ford Testimonial

Natural Dog Soap

Just wanted to comment on the above product that I have been using on our dog Lucy (X Silky Terrier/Chihuahua).
She suffers from ‘summer itch’ but bothers her to an extent year round.
The vet cannot determine the exact cause only to say she is allergic.
I originally saw this product at a local market and decided to give it a go having tried many other shampoos etc.
That was over 18 months ago and we are only on the second bar of soap, lathers well and lasts a long time.
Lucy is a ‘house dog’ so is bathed on a regular basis. She always smells lovely after a bath and no more scratching.
Lucy now has a beautiful shiny coat and looks great (she is 12 years old).
I would highly recommend this product.

Joy Ford testimonial

Diana Testimonial

Use it on all my dogs

I have a Maltese x Shih Tzu that has very sensitive skin and was losing hair on her tail and around her bottom.
After trying Dog Soap all her hair has grown back and her coat looks healthy and shiny.
It’s the best her coat has ever been and it smells amazing.
I now use it on all my dogs.
Thank you!

Diana testimonial

Jane Coton Testimonial

Great product

Hi, happy to send you a testimonial, great product!
It started with a small sample soap you handed me at a Market and couldn’t believe how wonderful your product was.
We have a mini Foxy and she keeps that smell of lemon scented gum trees for 2 weeks ++ and doesn’t itch or scratch when using it.
Then I bought a bar for my friend and my daughter’s two Cavoodles and now everyone is in love with your soap, a product that does what it claims with the added benefit of a wonderful smelling pet.

Jane Coton

Angela Stephens Testimonial

10 out of 10!

Our dog had irritated and itchy skin and he would always be biting and scratching which caused him to loose hair and be uncomfortable, especially in the warmer months.
We felt so sorry for our boy and we tried everything from homemade natural dog washes to expensive dog washes that the vet recommended but nothing ever worked!
Then a friend gave me a sample of the ‘Guardian Animal Soap’ she had got from the markets.
We used it on him and his skin showed improvement within a couple of days and his itching stopped almost instantly!
This soap is a God Send and our dog is SO much happier, we would never use anything else and he smells amazing after a bath!
A definite 10/10 product!

Angela Stephens testimonial

Jason Hill Testimonial

I’ll be recommending your dog soap

To the guys at Guardian Animal Soap – The soap we purchased was awesome.
Recommended by a friend after we smelt her beautiful smelling dog.
We purchased some and our labrador Ruby has never smelt so good.
Unlike other dog soaps/shampoos your soap keeps the dogs smelling fresher for longer.
Ruby needs regular baths as she is a working Urban Search and Rescue dog and gets into all sorts of dirty states.
I’ll be recommending your dog soap to my team mates at Southern Cross Search Dogs.
Thanks from the Hill family, Adelaide, SA.

Jason Hill